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The Blog: Customer Email Problems

16 Dec 2013

AB Electronics UK blog post

Due to problems with customer’s not receiving emails from us for their order confirmations and other order related emails we are no longer able to accept orders from customers who are using email services using the following domain names.

att.net / .com

ameritech.net / .com

bellsouth.net / .com

flash.net / .com

nvbell.net / .com

pacbell.net / .com

prodigy.net / .com

sbcglobal.net / .com

snet.net / .com

swbell.net / .com

wans.net / .com

We have had to take this action to block these email addresses after several problems with customers who have not received their order confirmation and then started disputes via PayPal shortly after placing their order claiming that we have not confirmed their orders due to their email providers rejecting the order confirmations.

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