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Whether you're into robotics, home automation, multimedia, or IoT applications, our expansion boards open up a world of possibilities for your Raspberry Pi projects.

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These compact prototyping boards bridge your ideas and the physical world to bring your projects from concept to reality.

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Keep track of the time when your Raspberry Pi is switched off

£10.19 Ex VAT: £8.49

Expander Pi
Expander Pi

16 Digital I/O, 8 Analogue Inputs, 2 Analogue Outputs and an RTC.

£23.99 Ex VAT: £19.99

Serial Pi Zero
Serial Pi Zero

RS232 serial interface for the Raspberry Pi

£10.19 Ex VAT: £8.49

1 Wire Pi Zero
1 Wire Pi Zero

1 Wire interface for connecting to sensors and other 1-Wire devices.

£11.39 Ex VAT: £9.49

Stackable Raspberry Pi compatible Expansion Boards

Our stackable design allows you to connect several expansion boards on your Raspberry Pi.

The popular ADC Pi Analogue to Digital converter allows you to measure up to 8 separate voltages from sensors and other inputs. Stack up to 4 ADC Pi boards together to give you up to 32 ADC channels.

Need to expand the input and output capabilities on your Raspberry Pi? The Expander Pi gives you 16 GPIO channels, 8 ADC inputs, 2 DAC outputs and a real-time clock.

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We have code demos and libraries available for popular platforms and languages in our knowledge base to use with our expansion boards.