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04 May 2017
Case Recommendations

We have found a commercial Raspberry Pi enclosure which will allow our boards to be stacked inside and the case will protect the boards. The case can also be modified to use with our Serial Pi Plus board to add a RS232 port to your Raspberry Pi. The photos below show the case from HiFiBerry which has a small cut-out added to clear the DB9 connector on our Serial Pi Plus board. You can order the HiFiBerry universal case III from
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Compatibility testing on the Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Orange Pi and Asus Tinker Board platforms In addition to the small form factor Raspberry Pi there are numerous other small form factor computer boards (also known as small single-board computers) available using a range of processors and different input/output options. Many of these computers are now using the same 40 or 26 pin dual in line header for the GPIO connection and they use the same or similar pinout to the Raspberry Pi to...
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One of our customers, Bruno Ferreira has written a new C library to use with the IO Pi Plus and IO Pi Zero boards. You can download the new library from Bruno's github repo at ...
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10 Feb 2017
New IO Pi Plus 2.1

One of our most popular expansion boards is the IO Pi Plus.  This board was based on our old IO Pi but updated to fit the newer HAT style introduced with the Raspberry Pi B+.    The IO Pi Plus has been used by thousands of customers around the world and we have received lots of positive feedback about the board and our software libraries.  We have also received a few suggestions on ways we could improve the board and after looking at the most popular suggestions we are...
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04 Jan 2017
2016 visitor stats

Some stats for our website visitors for 2016 150,000 unique users visited the website who viewed over 501,000 individual page views They spend an average of 1 minute 56 seconds on each page. The most popular page after the home page is the ADC Pi Plus with over 22,000 views followed by the Raspberry Pi expansion boards page with over 20,000 views. In the knowledge base the most popular pages where Raspberry Pi 3 serial port usage article with over 20,000 views and on average...
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