About Us

AB Electronics UK was founded in 2012 by brothers Andrew and Brian Dorey who have had a keen interest in the electronics hobbyist market for many years.

Andrew has qualifications in electronic servicing and repairs and has worked in the past for companies repairing home entertainment items before moving into the graphical design market.

Brian spent his first working years repairing white goods and household electrical items before moving into the retail market and then into IT.

Since 1998 we have run a successful web development agency and have continued our love of electronics and hardware modifications with many projects for the home and play, many of which are shown on the project blog at www.briandorey.com

Over the past few years the emergence of the popular Arduino system boards and other hobby prototype boards and more recently with the Raspberry Pi microcomputer boards led to the development of a home monitoring system for our semi-off grid solar system at their home and office.

After one of the blog project posts was featured on the popular Hackaday website, lots of enquiries of where to buy the prototype boards started to flood in and so we decided it was time to start to sell these boards and other related products on our own shop.