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27 December 2016  |  Reading Time: 3 minutes

We have been busy over the Christmas holidays updating our online shop, knowledge base and support forums to ensure that the website pages comply with online accessibility standards and to make the page links easier to read and type if needed.

Almost all the website content met these standards in the past, but some of the forum posts had caused the compliance testing software to report errors so we have updated all content where needed to fix the issues raised.

There are over 500 pages on our website with several thousand links between them, and each one was checked for potential accessibility issues. We have further optimised the information and images to reduce their file sizes to improve loading speeds on both desktop browsers and mobile devices.

The website is now compatible with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Section GSA Government-wide Section 508 Accessibility standards.

Links Update

Over the past four years, we have used and upgraded various links / URL's on the website, which has resulted in some of the older links no longer being active.

Links are often broken due to changes such as products being discontinued or the page’s information no longer be relevant due to changes in the Raspberry Pi software or hardware changes or changes to the website such as the addition of the knowledge base and forums.

We have always tried to maintain backward compatibility with links to our website being forwarded to the correct relevant product or pages but sometimes we find that someone has linked to an old product or page using a link that the website system does not recognise and that will then take them to an error 404 (page not found) message.

When someone is taken to the error 404 page, the website automatically sends us an email with the page link that was requested and then we can add an automatic redirect to the website to the correct new product/page/article so any future visitors will see the information they wanted to view.

There are over 500 pages on the website now and if you are unfortunate enough to see the error 404 page, please check the link again within 24 hours as we always fix any newly broken redirects as soon as we receive the error email alerting us of the issues.

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