The Blog: Coronavirus COVID19 Delivery and Posting Changes

19 Mar 2020

AB Electronics UK blog post

Update 29th December 2020

Deliveries to Europe will now go ahead as normal after Royal Mail now have access to European destinations

Update 22th December 2020

Due to the new Covid 19 restrictions in place across Europe and the closure of ports and air travel to destinations outside of the United Kingdom, there will be delivery delays on international deliveries.

Any orders placed while the UK borders are closed will be sent when the borders reopen.

For information on the current status of international deliveries please visit the Royal Mail website.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause but unfortunately these delays are outside of our control. 

There may also be delivery delays worldwide due to Christmas. 

Update 1st November 2020

With the worsening situation in the United Kingdom due to Covid19 and the new lockdown restrictions which have been announced which are set to run from Thursday 5 November and remain in place until at least Wednesday 2 December, we will be retuning to sending our parcels on three days each week. 

We will be taking our parcels to the post office on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays to minimise our exposure to other people and to try to keep our family safe.

Update 17th April 2020

Due to Coronavirus issues worldwide there are currently delays with parcels being delivered to many countries.

You can view the list of current delivery delays and issues on

Update 22nd March 2020

After reviewing the current situation with the Coronavirus COVID19 and current government guidelines to minimise social contact, we will now be posting orders twice a week on Monday and Thursday mornings.

Update 19th March 2020

We regret that we will no longer be able to send reseller/trade customer orders to the USA as Parcelforce who we use to send large packages have suspended their services to the USA. More details can be found on

Small parcels and non-trade account holders are not affected as smaller parcels are sent using Royal Mail airmail service which is still active at this time.

Update 15th March 2020

Due to the Coronavirus COVID19 pandemic which is currently affecting most of the world we will be changing our parcel posting schedule from 6 days per week to 3 days.

We will now be sending parcels on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to minimise our exposure to potentially infected people in the town and post office and to keep our family as safe as possible during this difficult time.

The United Kingdom government have not released any official guidance regarding the closure of non-essential business as has happened in other EU countries, but we will update this page if the situation changes.

We hope all our customers and suppliers stay safe during this outbreak.

We use the Royal Mail to send our parcels.

The latest UK updates from the Royal Mail for the Coronavirus are on:

International destinations:

More information about the Coronavirus:

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