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Exciting Updates to Our Electronic Toolbox Photo

We are excited to announce some fantastic updates to our Electronic Toolbox! Whether you're a seasoned electronics professional, a hobbyist, or just starting your journey into the world of electronics, our toolbox is designed to make your projects easier and more efficient. We've listened to your feedback and made significant improvements to our calculators, ensuring they are optimised for both mobile and desktop use.

Raspberry Pi with DAC and oscilloscope images Photo

We have been playing with the XY mode on my scope and an ADC/DAC Pi board to generate shapes on the Raspberry Pi and oscilloscope screen.

Customer email problems with some domain names Photo

Due to problems with customer’s not receiving emails from us for their order confirmations and other order related emails we are no longer able to accept orders from customers who are using email services using the following domain names.

New ADC Pi and Delta Sigma Pi kernel driver Photo

Angelo Compagnucci has written a kernel driver for the Microchip's MCP3422, MCP3423, and MCP3424 high-resolution ADC chips and this is compatible with the ADC Pi or ADC Differential Pi expansion boards from AB Electronics UK.

Pt1000 thermistor with the ADC Pi V2  Photo

This post was submitted by Craig Edwards Dagda, who has been using a Pt1000 thermistor with the ADC Pi board and was getting unexpected results. He explains how he resolved the problems.

1st Birthday for AB Electronics UK Photo

Today marks the first anniversary of the launch of AB Electronics UK.

New range of Connectors Now Available Photo

We have added a new range of connectors to our shop that can be used with the Raspberry Pi and our range of expansion boards.

Raspberry Pi SD Card Socket Replacement Photo

If like us you have managed to snap or damage the SD card socket on the base of your Raspberry Pi when fitting the board into a case, this video will be useful in showing you how to repair your damaged Raspberry Pi. 

ADC Pi V2 SMBus Python Demo Code Photo

We have added a python 2.7 version of our ADC Pi v2 demo code to the site which uses the SMBus to access the ADC chips.

Order Destination Update for Greece Photo

We regret that we are no longer able to send items to Greece due to a very large number of our previous deliveries being lost in the post and not reaching their destination.

Gasser Pollutant Detector with Delta Sigma Pi Photo

Gasser is a self-contained mobile sensor for sensing NO2, O3, and SO2. Currently runs only with NO2 as that is the most present pollutant in Paris. This project is using one of our Delta Sigma Pi boards.

Welcome to the new AB Electronics UK online shop Photo

Welcome to the new online shop for AB Electronics UK. Our initial stock includes Raspberry Pi connectors and add-on boards and also Arduino headers all available to buy from our online shop.