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Delivery issues from the UK to Germany

8 days ago

We regret that at the present time we are suspending our deliveries from the United Kingdom to Germany. This is due to nearly all parcels sent to German addresses since July 2021 being returned with a sticker saying that the customs forms are missing despite the parcels all having the correctly completed customs documents on the rear of each box.  Deliveries to all other EU countries and other international destinations have not been affected by this problem.  Until we can... read delivery issues from the uk to germany post

Save 10% in our August Sale

16 Aug 2021

Save 10% on your order with AB Electronics UK during August with our Summer Sale Click the link below to save 10% on our Raspberry Pi expansion boards and accessories https://www.abelectronics.co.uk/?voucher=aug10 ... read save 10% in our august sale post

3D printed spacer for the Raspberry Pi

02 Dec 2020

Patrick Dubois D'Enghien has created this useful 3D printed spacer for Raspberry Pi expansion boards and hats and has released it on Thingiverse under the under the Creative Commons - Attribution - Non-Commercial license. The spacer can be used as a replacement for our metal mounting kit or for holding full size expansion boards on the Raspberry Pi Zero. If you have a 3D printer you can download the 3D model from https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4671889 ... read 3d printed spacer for the raspberry pi post

Coronavirus COVID19 Delivery and Posting Changes

19 Mar 2020

Update 29th December 2020 Deliveries to Europe will now go ahead as normal after Royal Mail now have access to European destinations Update 22th December 2020 Due to the new Covid 19 restrictions in place across Europe and the closure of ports and air travel to destinations outside of the United Kingdom, there will be delivery delays on international deliveries. Any orders placed while the UK borders are closed will be sent when the borders reopen. For information on the... read coronavirus covid19 delivery and posting changes post

New Product Launch I2C Switch

30 Nov 2019

We have launched a new product, the I2C switch allows you to switch between four I2C busses on the Raspberry Pi. https://www.abelectronics.co.uk/p/84/i2c-switch ... read new product launch i2c switch post