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6 days ago

Mark has used a Raspberry Pi and several of our IO Pi Plus boards to make his own Nuclear Power Plant Simulator. The IO Pi boards are broken out to external PCBs via ribbon cables to drive the leds, lights and switches. You can view more information about the project on Marks blog at more...

08 Jul 2017

We are pleased to announce that we have a new and updated Python library available to use with our Raspberry Pi expansion boards.  The new version 2.0 update includes several major changes which can be found in the in the root of the github... more...

03 Jul 2017

We now have new C++ libraries and demo code available to use with our Raspberry Pi expansion boards. C++ Class Libraries and demo code to work with Raspberry Pi expansion boards from To download to your Raspberry Pi type in... more...

29 Jun 2017

The Expander Pi has been redesigned to work with all Raspberry Pi models which use the 40 pin GPIO connector. Order yours today from ... more...

04 May 2017

We have found a commercial Raspberry Pi enclosure which will allow our boards to be stacked inside and the case will protect the boards. The case can also be modified to use with our Serial Pi Plus board to add a RS232 port to your Raspberry Pi. The photos below show the case from HiFiBerry which has a small cut-out added to clear the DB9 connector on our Serial Pi Plus board. You can order... more...



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