Raspberry Pi Expansion Boards

Our range of stackable expansion boards are designed using the HAT mechanical specification to ensure maximum compatibility with third-party Raspberry Pi HAT boards.

Compatible with all Raspberry Pi models that use a 40-pin GPIO connector, including the Raspberry Pi 5, Raspberry Pi Zero and 400. Our expansion boards can be stacked to mix and match your requirements so you can add analogue inputs, up to 128 extra GPIO input/output ports, serial RS232 communications or a real-time clock module.

You can also use many of our expansion boards with other small board computers, including the Asus Tinker Board, Orange Pi and ODroid.

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi HAT vs AB Electronics UK expansion boards comparison:

  Raspberry Pi HAT Our Expansion Boards
Full size 40 pin GPIO connector
Follows the HAT mechanical specification
GPIO connector with 10-12mm spacing
Limited to one HAT on your Raspberry Pi
Multiple stackable expansion boards on your Raspberry Pi