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1 Wire Pi and 1 Wire Pi Plus

1 Wire Pi and 1 Wire Pi Plus Support

Need major help with getting 1 wire Pi Plus

Last reply 15 days ago

Replies: 8

Repeated problems using 1wire plus from Python

Last reply 32 days ago

Replies: 5

How many one wire devices does it support

Last reply 10/06/2019

Replies: 1

erratics readings with 1wire Pi

Last reply 05/05/2019

Replies: 2

How to enable parasitic power pull-up?

Last reply 24/12/2018

Replies: 8

RJ12 Socket

Last reply 10/06/2018

Replies: 2

Pull Up resistor

Last reply 01/04/2018

Replies: 1

1 Wire & my Devices

Last reply 03/02/2018

Replies: 5

Power-up settings

Last reply 12/11/2017

Replies: 2

1Wire device not showing up

Last reply 27/10/2017

Replies: 5

Make sensors show up in /sys/bus/w1/devices ?

Last reply 13/10/2017

Replies: 1

Getting a different sensor ID with 1 wire plus

Last reply 09/10/2017

Replies: 5

No i2c detected

Last reply 17/08/2017

Replies: 2

1WPi+ does not see any sensor

Last reply 01/08/2017

Replies: 2

w1_master_driver w1_bus_master1: Family 0 for 00.700000000000.f8 is not registered.

Last reply 30/01/2017

Replies: 3

no detect any 1wire device

Last reply 13/01/2017

Replies: 2

Getting inconsistent results on 1 wire Pi Plus

Last reply 29/12/2016

Replies: 9

1-wire plus is not being seen with i2cdetect

Last reply 13/11/2016

Replies: 3

Multiple 1 Wire Pi Plus boards

Last reply 02/09/2016

Replies: 2

Help needed for parasite mode for temperature sensors

Last reply 23/04/2016

Replies: 1

Board does not read Temperature sensors DS18B20 anymore

Last reply 21/04/2016

Replies: 3

operatings Mode 1 Wire DS18b20

Last reply 14/08/2015

Replies: 2