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Expander Pi

Expander Pi Support

DAC Dynamics Write

Last reply 02/11/2021

Replies: 1

Is it possible to implement an interrupt handler in C++, which is triggered by change of Input pin value?

Last reply 12/05/2021

Replies: 4

Exception when trying to initialize bus2 in iopiread.cpp demo code

Last reply 23/04/2021

Replies: 5

Raspberry PI 4 wont boot with Expander PI fitted

Last reply 24/11/2020

Replies: 3

Inputs: values on the input pins are changing automatically

Last reply 18/11/2020

Replies: 8

Expander Pi on a custom board

Last reply 07/11/2020

Replies: 1

DAC set voltage or set raw, written value different as measured one

Last reply 28/09/2020

Replies: 2

Counting Pulses

Last reply 31/08/2020

Replies: 1

write_pin error

Last reply 10/08/2020

Replies: 1

ADC Reading Tutorial

Last reply 07/08/2020

Replies: 2

mistake on ADC inputs, false read values

Last reply 07/08/2020

Replies: 9

i2C communication problem with multiple devices at the same time

Last reply 24/07/2020

Replies: 2

ADC successive reading wrong 1 out of 2

Last reply 26/06/2020

Replies: 7

VRef - Voltage Reference Chip: power available?

Last reply 11/02/2020

Replies: 6

Shared access to IO class

Last reply 20/07/2019

Replies: 1

Maximum frequency for ADC

Last reply 07/05/2019

Replies: 1

extremely varying ADC sample speeds.

Last reply 17/12/2018

Replies: 2

max sampling rate

Last reply 24/09/2018

Replies: 2

Failed to open i2c port for write - after some time

Last reply 24/07/2018

Replies: 4

DS18B20 on IO ports

Last reply 27/06/2018

Replies: 2

PI power

Last reply 28/03/2018

Replies: 1

Expander Pi installation problem

Last reply 13/01/2018

Replies: 7

node-red support for Servo PWM Pi Zero

Last reply 08/05/2017

Replies: 4

I2C pullup resistors

Last reply 23/03/2017

Replies: 16

ADC strange behaviour

Last reply 07/02/2017

Replies: 6

External Vref for ADC

Last reply 05/07/2016

Replies: 6

Frequent but irregular thread crashing in readADCraw

Last reply 13/05/2016

Replies: 2

All the documentation has vanished from the Website

Last reply 02/05/2016

Replies: 2

ExpanderPi stopped working

Last reply 28/04/2016

Replies: 3

expander pi

Last reply 18/12/2015

Replies: 1

Expander PI on Raspberry PI 2 model B

Last reply 09/12/2015

Replies: 1 problem

Last reply 03/12/2015

Replies: 2

Expander pi would not function on 1-wire pi plus

Last reply 04/09/2015

Replies: 1

Variable names changed, code doesn't run

Last reply 01/08/2015

Replies: 1

Expander Pi IO

Last reply 30/06/2015

Replies: 1