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ADC Differential Pi

ADC Differential Pi Support

Timeout on read_voltage

Last reply 01/02/2022

Replies: 6

Voltage Divider on ADC Differential Pi

Last reply 09/08/2021

Replies: 3

Ghost voltages

Last reply 09/12/2020

Replies: 3

How to connect ADC Pi and ADC Differential Pi

Last reply 15/07/2020

Replies: 4

Newbie question

Last reply 14/07/2020

Replies: 9

Compatibility with RP3A+ and why are some channels held 0.53V from ground?

Last reply 21/03/2020

Replies: 5

Not always intializing

Last reply 26/03/2019

Replies: 1

Problem with voltage readout

Last reply 07/03/2019

Replies: 6

Clock Stretch Error

Last reply 27/07/2018

Replies: 6

Stack ADC Differential Pi

Last reply 19/05/2018

Replies: 14

Read PT1000 temp. sensor

Last reply 11/12/2016

Replies: 1

Setting "pga"

Last reply 30/11/2016

Replies: 6

Fuel cell data logger . Unable to import and operate libraries . Beginner.

Last reply 27/10/2016

Replies: 17

Function read_raw without sign

Last reply 04/08/2016

Replies: 2

Can you help me with a minimum parts list?

Last reply 08/07/2016

Replies: 1

read and configure ADC using i2c-tools

Last reply 13/01/2016

Replies: 1