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ADC DAC Pi Support

Error installing py-spidev

Last reply 28/04/2022

Replies: 1

Physical Sensor termination on ADC-DAC Pi Zero

Last reply 21/10/2021

Replies: 3

Controllable pins on Raspberry Pi

Last reply 18/10/2021

Replies: 1

Errors Running C Code Libraries

Last reply 09/02/2021

Replies: 4

Need faster sampling rate from ADC DAC Pi Zero

Last reply 15/09/2020

Replies: 5

Prototyping area

Last reply 15/08/2020

Replies: 1

[Errno 2] No such file or directory

Last reply 15/03/2020

Replies: 4

MCP4822 NODE-RED Library

Last reply 10/05/2019

Replies: 1

Missing Makefile

Last reply 04/05/2019

Replies: 1

DAC Not getting 3.3V Voltage

Last reply 10/04/2019

Replies: 3

Error with reading and setting up voltage

Last reply 08/12/2018

Replies: 3

Stacking ADC DAC Pi

Last reply 25/09/2018

Replies: 3

Use ADC DAC Pi Zero with Arduino

Last reply 05/06/2018

Replies: 1

Oops - output voltage swing not big enough

Last reply 30/05/2018

Replies: 1

DAC not working properly

Last reply 30/11/2016

Replies: 9

Is the MCP3202 clock frequency set right?

Last reply 19/05/2016

Replies: 2

Output gain select support in python3 libraries

Last reply 15/04/2016

Replies: 2

"Random" noise and spurious values

Last reply 05/04/2016

Replies: 1

ADCDAC Accuracy?

Last reply 02/11/2015

Replies: 7

Is ADC DAC Pi what i need ?

Last reply 31/08/2015

Replies: 6