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Old engineer question/confusion

2629 Views - Created 06/12/2015


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Bradshawlupton Avatar

Pi b+ code and device is beautiful.
Put in the three rows of headers.
shouldnt an AAA battery from GND to + show the 1.2v? It shows 0

On. - / +. Differential it shows 5 v, as expected.

Certainly confused engineer syndrome. Thanks. Beautiful professional bargain device!


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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To measure between ground and + you will also need to connect the - to ground. This puts the ADC channel into a single-ended mode which allows you to measure between 0 and + 2.048V.

When the - is not connected to ground the ADC channel will be in the differential mode which allows you to measure between -2.048V and + 2.048V but you have to put the inputs between the + and - instead of + and GND.

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