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ADC Pi and python3

1697 Views - Created 21/03/2018


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tectp Avatar

I have a functional python3 program to read the values of my ADC pi board. I want to autoload it using crontab. I can run the program manually by simply typing python3 but trying to run it from crontab it get an import module error in python. Presumably because crontab runs as root not as pi user. What might be the solution to this?


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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Have you installed the python library using the script, or are you using the library in the same folder as your script? If you have installed it then it could be a problem with crontab not knowing where to look for the python modules.

I found this page on StackOverflow with someone who had the same problem as you are having and a few answers that may work. It looks like you may need to define the python path in crontab in order for it to import the module.

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