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Question on the read_voltage() function

496 Views - Created 25/07/2018


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Does anyone have any example C code using the 'read_voltage() function'


We want to use the ADC Pi to read a varying voltage, send it out as a serial 16/17 bit number and then store it

in the R-Pi's memory as a parallel number.

Any examples of C code to do this would be greatly appreciated.




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Hello Wayne

You can find a demo application using the read_voltage() function in our github repository at https://github.com/abelectronicsuk/ABElectronics_C_Libraries/blob/master/ADCPi/demo-adcread.c

read_voltage() takes 5 parameters:

address - I2C address for the target device e.g. 0x68
channel - 1 to 4
bitrate - 12, 14, 16 or 18
pga - 1, 2, 4 or 8
conversionmode - 0 = one shot conversion, 1 = continuous conversion

The function returns a double typed voltage from the ADC.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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