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Having trouble reading voltage data through ADC

347 Views - Created 20/11/2018


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Hi i am running the demo_readvoltage.py program on my raspberry pi, but i am unable to read any values when I connect a power supply to it. Any reason why I might not be reading any data? Also, I would like to know the pinout for the ADC Pi.


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If the demo program is running correctly but only returning 0V then try checking your connections to the ADC inputs and make sure you have a common ground connected between your power supply and the Raspberry Pi.

You can find the pinout and schematic for the ADC Pi on our ADC Pi product page.  On the 40 pin GPIO header the only pins that are needed are 3.3V (pin 1), 5V (pin 2), SDA (pin 3), SCL (pin 5) and GND (pin 6).

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