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Missing Makefile

658 Views - Created 03/05/2019


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I am trying to build the ABElectronics_CPP_Libraries on my Raspberry Pi. I downloaded the source code from Git, but I have no idea how to build the .so library. There is no Makefile provided. Could you please either provide a Makefile in Git itself, or advise me how to proceed? 

Thank you, -TQ


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At the moment we do not have a make file for building a .so library. 

The easiest way to use the ADCDAC Pi library in your project is to copy the ADCDACPi/ABE_ADCDACPi.cpp and ADCDACPi/ABE_ADCDACPi.h into your project folder and add the following code to the top of your program.

#include "ABE_ADCDACPi.h"

using namespace ABElectronics_CPP_Libraries;

When you compile your program include the ABE_ADCDACPi.cpp file in your list of code files.  For example with our demo-adcread program you would compile it using g++ with the following command:

g++ demo-adcread.cpp ABE_ADCDACPi.cpp  -o demo-adcread

I will look at making our C++ library into a shared library with a makefile.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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