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Current required from for each stacked ADC PI on a PI3

447 Views - Created 18/05/2020


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Hu Support Team,


I have 3 ADC PI stacked on top of my PI 3B and with 24 ADXL335 connected to it to the ADC.


As fas as I know the ADXL335  takes 350µA each, do you know how much current I would expect the each ADC PI itself to get from the Raspebrry GPIO connector ? 


Thanks for your help,


Stefano Falconetti.


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United Kingdom

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Hello Stefano

Each of the MCP3424 ADC chips should use 180µA from the 5V GPIO pin in continuous conversion mode and 1µA during standby.  The pull-up resistors on the ADC Pi draw a maximum of 1mA from the 5V GPIO pin and 660µA from the 3.3V GPIO pin so the total current draw for each ADC Pi should be approximately 2.02mA.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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