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expander pi

2502 Views - Created 18/12/2015


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ajaydange Avatar

Hello,am new with raspberry pi & exapnder pi.I have a couple of sensors ,relays,led,dc motors working on 5v .
O/p of digital sensors is 5v.Can these sensors directly connected with expander pi pins?also can an analog sesnor with o/p > 3.3v be directly connected to expander pi ADC pins?


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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The digital inputs on the Expander Pi can work with 5V sensors. Depending on the type of sensor you may find that you need to use a 10K pull-down resistor connected between the input and ground to keep the input low when the sensor is not active.

The analogue inputs can read between 0 and 4.096V so your 3.3V sensor should work ok.

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