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How to modify DS1307 RTC to use 3.3V for Raspberry Pi?

3055 Views - Created 29/11/2016


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I bought DS1307 RTC but it is 5V so it can't be connected to the Pi. I know it can be modified to use 3.3V by removing 2 resistors. This sensor is different than the adafruit kit so I am not sure which resistors to remove. It also has 2 sets of pins. What are the extra pins for and which should I use and which pins do I remove?

Here is the image of the RTC:

Post image

Here's the datasheet for the DS1307 RTC.


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Without a schematic for the RTC module it is difficult to know which resistors need to be removed.  

On our RTC Pi boards we use a mosfet based level shifter to convert the 5V I2C bus on the DS1307 to 3.3V on the Raspberry Pi. 

AB Electronics UK Tech Support


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I happened to see your post, I find DS1307 on Jotrin Electronics Limited, for your question about: What are the extra pins for and which should I use and which pins do I remove? I think maybe you can turn to their engineers

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