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IO Pi Plus Node.js library and samples

1385 Views - Created 20/07/2017


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Hi, I just bought 4 of IOPi plus board to control 4 x 32 = 128 GPIO ports for a single Raspberry Pi 3 (model B) board.


I see a simple Python example controlling a single LED here : 



But what I need is Node.js Library and sample apps controlling at least either 2 chips on the same board or 2 IOPi boards (may be one LED on each board).  I believe you can have total 8 IC chip address (0x20 ... 0x27) with 4 boards.

In other words, I'm looking for Node.js libarary + sample which is equivalent of the same from the above link.

        bus = IOPi(0x21)

Any Node.js library developed for this IOPi board?  If not, what Node.js I2C library is recommended for this MCP23017 multiplexer based I2C control? (either read or write).






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Hello Steve

We have a Node.js library available for the IO Pi Plus.  You can download it from our GitHub repository at https://github.com/abelectronicsuk/ABElectronics_NodeJS_Libraries

There are several example files showing how to read and write to an IO Pi in the /examples/iopi/ folder


AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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