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documentation question

The IO Pi Plus is a 32 channel MCP23017 GPIO expander for the Raspberry Pi


Posted by:
Bob Russo

Bob Russo Avatar

I've found this statement...


... in a few pieces of demo code. I can't seem to find it in the documentation. Any idea where I might find it? I'm sure there will be other usefull info in the same place!



Posted by:

andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

andrew Twitter  andrew Website  

Hello Bob

Thank you for noticing that the set_interrupt_polarity() function is not in the documentation.

set_interrupt_polarity(polarity) allows you to set the polarity of the two interrupt pins INTA and INTB so they go either high or low when active.

The function takes a single parameter of 0 or 1. 0 = Active Low, 1 = Active High

I have added the function into the documentation for the IO Pi and Expander Pi which you can find on our GitHub python repository.


Posted by:
Bob Russo

Bob Russo Avatar


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