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Home Assistant Custom components are gone?

644 Views - Created 21/05/2019


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Hi there!

I've been using several IO Pi Plus with Home Assistant and after updating to the latest version they stopped working. As I was looking for updates, I noticed that you've removed all the files from github that are related to Home Assistant custom components: https://github.com/abelectronicsuk/abelectronics-home-assistant-custom-components

I was wondering what was the reasoning behind this?

Would it be possible to move them to official Home Assistant custom-components Github, which can be found at https://github.com/custom-components, if you are not managing them anymore?

Could you an example how to access IO Pi Plus board from Home Assistant now that the custom components are just gone?

Best regards,



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Hello Jay

We removed the home assist components from our Github repository as they do not work with the current version of Hass.io. 

The components should still work with the Hassbian version of home assistant so I have restored the files to the Github repository and updated the readme to explain that it will only work with the Hassbian version.

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