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correct voltage read?

277 Views - Created 12/08/2019


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I got my ADC Pi to work last week. It worked fine; Connected it to a 1.5V battery and it read the voltage correctly.

Today it suddenly reads 5.060569390625V when connecting to the same battery.

In the mean time, I have connected it to another source of some 15V. 

Does the ADC Pi need a calibration?





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Hello Kristian

The ADC Pi has a maximum input voltage of 5.06V so connecting it to a 15V source may have damaged the ADC chip making it read any voltage as its maximum value. 

Does it read the same voltage on all 8 channels?  If you only applied 15V to one of the channels then the damage may be contained to one ADC in which case the four channels connected to the other ADC should still work.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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