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IO Plus with hyperpixel display

2298 Views - Created 17/06/2019


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alfdoitch Avatar

I'm trying to build a handheld device using a PI 3+ and a hyperpixel display, I've not much experience with electronics so I apologise if I'm asking stupid questions or using the wrong terminology.

The hyperpixel 4.0 display uses all the GPIO pins and I'd like to add more functionality to my device. After doing some research found the IO Pi Plus, bought one and asked questions later. From what I understand the hyperpixel breaks out i2c using BCM 10 and 11 i2c-3(?). I have 5 pins available to me from the hyperpixel 3V3, SDA, SCL, INT, GND is it possible to connect these to header of the IO Pi Plus and use it?

Hope that made sense :)

Edit - this is the same kind of question...


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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It should be possible to connect the IO Pi Plus to the I2C port on the hyperpixel display.

You will need to connect the 3V3 to pin 1 on the IO Pi 40-pin GPIO header, SDA to pin 3, SCL to pin 5 and GND to pin 6. You will also need to find a 5V supply from the Raspberry Pi and connect that to either pin 2 on the GPIO header or the 5V on the 2-pin header.

The software libraries for the IO Pi Plus look for the board on i2c-1 so you will need either need to modify the library to look for i2c-3 or create a symlink from i2c-3 to i2c-1 using the following command.

sudo ln -s /dev/i2c-3 /dev/i2c-1


Posted by:

alfdoitch Avatar

Awesome! I'll give it a go. Thank you very much!

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