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no detect any 1wire device

4477 Views - Created 12/01/2017


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karel Avatar

Hello,I have RPi with 1 Wire Pi Plus. I connected DS18B20 to ground, OW and +5V pins by RJ12.I installed SW by follow steps: - it looks,there is a bit of problem with step 6. The "/opt/owfs/bin/owserver" does not exist, but I think no excactly problem because command service owserver status says "runnig".I tried command "sudo i2cdetect -y 1" and found out only device 18 and nothing more. Is it OK or I shloud see 1wire device.Python program in step 8 crashed.Nothing is in directory /mnt. Shall I create directory/mount point /mnt/1wire manually?Why I do not see DS18B20?Thanks,Karel


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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Hello Karel

i2cdetect should only show the i2c devices that are present on the i2c bus which in the case of the 1 Wire Pi Plus is on address 18 so it appears that the board is talking to the Raspberry Pi.

I have uploaded a copy of the python test script to GitHub, can you try downloading it and running it on your Raspberry Pi to make sure it wasn't a problem with your version of the python script?

If the script still crashes try going through each stage of the OWFS tutorial again just to make sure you didn't miss any steps.


Posted by:

karel Avatar

Hello,thank you for answer and help.I used your script and it is work well now.OWFS is working properlly too.Karel

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