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Right angle connectors

204 Views - Created 05/06/2020


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I'm considering using a stack of IO Pi Plus' for an IO solution, and was wondering if you guys offered a 20 pin(10x2) right angle connector similar to the following: https://www.abelectronics.co.uk/p/73/24-pin-8-x-3-right-angle-header

If not, what are some other ways I could connect my devices to the inputs/outputs on each board when they're stacked one on top of another?



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Hello Jeremy

At the moment we do not sell any 10x2 right angle connectors suitable for the IO Pi Plus.

If you are stacking several IO Pi Plus boards together I would recommend using a right angle 20 pin IDC socket with the IDC plug and some 1.27mm pitch ribbon cable.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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