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RS232 for Stratux?

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14 days ago

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I'd like to know if the RS232 Serial Pi Plus Converter for Raspberry Pi will work with a Stratux setup. Stratux is a Raspberry Pi-based tool for aviation. This page explains that a CP2102-based USB to RS232 adapter will work, but I'd rather use the Hat instead of a USB adapter. This document describes the device I'm interested in connecting the Pi to, and how to do it using RS232. I don't have enough experience with Raspberry Pi or RS232 to know if the Hat will work, so any guidance or information would be much appreciated.

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14 days ago

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Hello Ron

I do not have any experience using Stratux so I can not say for certain if it will work with the Serial Pi Plus but in theory if you can set the software to use the /dev/ttyAMA0 serial port it should work.

I looked through the documentation for Stratux to try and find how you configure the serial port but I was unable to find it so it may be worth asking a question on one of the Stratux support forums at Reddit or Slack.

You will need to enable the Raspberry Pi UART port and disable the serial console before you can use the Serial Pi Plus with Stratux. We have a tutorial which goes through the steps to do this in in our knowledge base.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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