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Rs485 pi V2.0

The RS485 Pi is an RS485 interface for the Raspberry Pi


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kyawzinwin Avatar

how can I configure Interface, the baud rate, Data Bit, Parity, Stop Bit to communicate with Rs485 devices
how can I install the driver
which part do I need to solder?


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

andrew Twitter  andrew Website  

The RS485 Pi uses the Raspberry Pi UART serial port so it does not need any additional drivers to work. You will need to configure the UART serial port before you can use it, we have a tutorial on our website at Serial port setup in raspberry pi os which explains the steps needed.

Once configured you can access the RS485 Pi on the device /dev/ttyAMA0. Setting the baud rate, Data Bit, Parity and Stop Bit will depend on which software you are using to access the serial port. As the RS485 Pi uses the UART serial port, any software or programming libraries designed for serial communication should work with the RS485 Pi.

When assembling the RS485 Pi you will need to solder the 40-pin GPIO header to the board. If you are using a DB-9 cable for serial communication you will need to solder the DB-9 connector to the board, otherwise, you can use the 3-pin header with the ground, A and B connections.

A 120R resistor is included with the RS485 Pi. This will need to be soldered into the R3 Terminator holes if the RS485 Pi is at the end of an RS485 bus. The product page for the RS485 Pi explains this in more detail.

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