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Variable names changed, code doesn't run

2106 Views - Created 05/10/2015


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In the file ABE_ExpanderPi.py, in the class IO, there are a number of variables such as :

__ioaddress = 0x20 # I2C address

__portA_dir = 0x00 # port a direction

__portB_dir = 0x00 # port b direction

__portA_val = 0x00 # port a value

__portB_val = 0x00 # port b value

__portA_pullup = 0x00 # port a pull-up resistors

__portB_pullup = 0x00 # port a pull-up resistors

__portA_polarity = 0x00 # input polarity for port a

__portB_polarity = 0x00 # input polarity for port b

__intA = 0x00 # interrupt control for port a

__intB = 0x00 # interrupt control for port a

In some of the functions, such as set_pin_direction() and set_pin_pullup(), different variable names are used such as:

port_a_dir instead of __portA_dir,

address instead of __ioaddress,

port_a_pullup instead of __portA_pullup, etc. 

As a result, these functions fail.


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Thank you for spotting the problem with the variable names.  I have uploaded a new version of the library to GitHub ;which should have all of the variable names fixed.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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