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Serial pi plus installation under Jessie

3008 Views - Created 24/11/2015


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gael Avatar

Hello all,
Can someone details how to install properly the serial pi plus with the new raspian version Jessie as the /etc/innitab file disappeared?
I would be interested to a simple way to test if it is properly installed. from windows with putty for example. I don't succeed right now.

Thank you!


Posted by:

andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

andrew Twitter  andrew Website  

Hello Gael

The serial port on Raspbian Jessie is configured as a remote terminal by default so if you connect your PC to the Serial Pi Plus using a null modem cable you will be able to access the Bash shell on the Raspberry Pi. The serial port on your PC will need to be set to 115200 baud rate for the shell terminal.

If you want to use the serial port as a serial port instead of a terminal you will need to change the configuration in the raspi-config program.

Run sudo raspi-config

Go to Option 8 – Advanced Options

Select Option A8 – Serial

Change the selection to "No" and select "Ok"

Now go to “Finish” and reboot your Pi with sudo Reboot

The Serial Pi Plus should now be usable as a serial port instead of a remote terminal.

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