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RTC Pi V1 resets itself when the board is unplugged.

The RTC Pi is a Real-time clock for the Raspberry Pi

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I have the RTC Pi V1 module, which I bought in 2013. This is the old version with 26 pins (see attached picture). Currently I use it with a ROCK64 board, which is pin compatible with Raspberry Pi. I can set/get the date and time via i2c bus. When I restart, or power off the board, it works without any problems. But when I unplug the power cord and plug again, the RTC module is reset to year 2000. I changed the battery but that did not help. What may be the reason? Thanks in advance.

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From what you have described the problem could be a configuration issue with Linux that is stopping it from getting the date from the RTC on startup.

I haven't used the RTC Pi with a Rock64 board but on the Raspberry Pi, you have to go through the steps in our Raspberry Pi RTC tutorial to make it load and save the date to the RTC. It may be worth trying the same steps on the Rock64 and seeing if that works.

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