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Assign an IO Pi Plus Pin to a Variable

1177 Views - Created 16/11/2019


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I am using the IO Pi Plus, and would like to assign a pin to a variable in python like you can with gpiozero. So for example in gpiozero for the Raspbery Pi header GPIO pins, you would have for example "pedbutton2 = Button(5)". However I cant figure how to create a similar assignment with IO Pi Plus code, does the IO Pi Plus support this or similar? I have read the readme file but can only see the ability to specify bus.read_pin or write_pin, but doesnt look like it wouldn't work as assingment as they are actions. If the IO Pi Plus does support assigning a pin to a variable, how would I go about doing this? Any advice would much appreciated.




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United Kingdom

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Hello Rhys

At the moment the IO Pi library does not support assigning a pin to a variable but I will look into adding that feature to a future update.

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