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PWM through IO Pi Plus Pins

1238 Views - Created 15/06/2017


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In a python environment is it possible to generate software PWM through IO Pi Plus pins with a library such as RPI.GPIO?  The key question I have being are you able to assign reference to a pin so I could refer to the IO pin required in a function call such as GPIO.PWM(PWM_PIN, 255)?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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I am affraid it is not possible to generate a proper PWM output on the IO Pi Plus pins.  The closest you could get is to toggle a pin on and off manually with a software timer to control the on and off durations but it takes around 0.4ms to change the state of a pin so you wouldn't be able to create a PWM output that is faster than around 100Hz and the accuracy would change depending on the CPU usage.

We do sell a dedicated PWM output board, the Servo Pi Zero, which can generate a 40Hz to 1000Hz PWM signal with a 12 bit resolution duty cycle.

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