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Read PT1000 temp. sensor

3650 Views - Created 11/12/2016


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Mib314 Avatar

CH - Montana-Crans


I have an ADC Differential Pi from

This module work with a MCP3434 controller.

I need to read PT1000 sensor. I don’t have a lot of electronic knowledge.

Please, if somebody knows a good montage, I was happy.

Thanks a lot

Michel B.


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brian Avatar


brian Website  

You can read a PT1000 sensor using a voltage divider circuit with the sensor on one side of the divider. You need a precision voltage reference to supply the voltage to the divider and the centre of the divider would go to the ADC input pin.

The following links show how this can be set up and the first link also has a python demo which could be modified to use the Python library to read your sensor.

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