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IOError: [Errno 110] while reading Input State

4433 Views - Created 11/07/2016


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Hello,im using the IO pi plus for detecting some digital signals (0v = low, 5V = High) on a Input from a E-Stop Switch. Programming language is Python 2.7.See Picture at: reading and writing to the IO pi plus im using the Python files from ABElectronics. The Port wehre im reading the signal is configured as "Input" and the pullup resistors are enabled.Now the Problem:Reading the Pin status is working properly when i toggle the E-stop Switch for some time. But when the Estop was pressed a few times my software crashes with the Error: IOError: [Errno 110] Connection timed out.Click this link for a picture: this error is occurred once i am my software i can't read or write to any device on the i2c bus and have to switch off the power supply of the Raspberry Pi. A normal software reboot of the Pi doesn't fix this error.Do you know a solution for this Error?


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HelloFrom looking at the error in your screenshot it appears to be crashing while trying to read from an ADC Pi. Do you have an ADC Pi on the Raspberry Pi as well as the IO Pi?The error could occur if you have two python scripts trying to access the I2C port at the same time as one script would block the port while it is in use causing the other script to time out on the connection. Running two threads within a single python script could also cause the same problem. The solution to this would be to use a single script for accessing both the IO Pi and ADC Pi or try to find some way of checking that one script has finished running before the other script.

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