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Not keeping time

1463 Views - Created 28/10/2016


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Jessie, PiZero, RTC, good batt.

I have followed the instr. as listed in "/article/30/rtc-pi-on-a-raspberry-pi-raspbian-jessie", and received all the expected responses.

However, with wifi dongle removed and the pi powered off for a short while, the clock 'holds' and picks up from the power-down time   i.e. if I power off at 19:00 and back on at 20:00, 19:00 is the display on the clock; it will not correct until either manually reset or wifi is enabled.

Surely the time should be kept in the absence of power to the Pi, and not need to be re-set upon reboot?

Do I have a faulty unit - arrrived this am, properly handled since.



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If the time is not being kept then it could be a fault with the oscillator on the RTC.  Can you send me your order number using our contact form and I will send you a replacement.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support


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Thank you for your rapid response, it is much appreciated.

If only Customer Service were always this "on Point"

Keep it up folks :-)

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