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Not keeping time

2245 Views - Created 28/10/2016


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FoxtrotOscar Avatar

Hi,Jessie, PiZero, RTC, good batt.I have followed the instr. as listed in "/article/30/rtc-pi-on-a-raspberry-pi-raspbian-jessie", and received all the expected responses.However, with wifi dongle removed and the pi powered off for a short while, the clock 'holds' and picks up from the power-down time i.e. if I power off at 19:00 and back on at 20:00, 19:00 is the display on the clock; it will not correct until either manually reset or wifi is enabled.Surely the time should be kept in the absence of power to the Pi, and not need to be re-set upon reboot?Do I have a faulty unit - arrrived this am, properly handled since.


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andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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If the time is not being kept then it could be a fault with the oscillator on the RTC. Can you send me your order number using our contact form and I will send you a replacement?


Posted by:

FoxtrotOscar Avatar

Hi,Thank you for your rapid response, it is much appreciated.If only Customer Service were always this "on Point"Keep it up folks :-)

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