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Problems with the library

3066 Views - Created 29/11/2015


Posted by:

Jimbobob Avatar

Hey guys!
So i'm using the servo pi and the coresponding library to go with it and i'm running into some problems, I'm getting some odd errors:
forum image

If anyone could help that'd be great! Thanks so much!


Posted by:

andrew Avatar

United Kingdom

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It looks like your script is missing the ABEHelpers class which the ABE_ServoPi class uses to access the i2c bus. If you look at our demo on GitHub you can see the steps that are needed to use the library. you need to import the ABE_ServoPi and ABEHelpers libraries and then create an instance of ABEHelpers() called i2c_helper and use that to create an instance of the i2c bus with bus = i2c_helper.get_smbus()

Once you have an instance of the i2c bus you can then use this to create an instance of the pwm class with pwm = PWM(bus, 0x40)

If you copy the first 25 lines from the demo and use that to replace the first two lines of your code then hopefully everything should work.

You may also have to copy the and files into the same folder as your code.


Posted by:

Jimbobob Avatar

Thank you so much, I will try this tomorrow. I apologise for sending this and also a support ticket, I posted this and then thought a support ticket may be better thank you any way, I'm kinda new to python!

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