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RS485 PI with an energy meter

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I bought the RS485 PI and I'm trying to read out the data of my energy meter (a circutor cvm 1-d).

I'm using Python and I'm always receiving an empty value on the serial.readline().

Is there a command that I need to write to the meter first for it to respond? 

I'm totally new to this subject, my apologies in advance.



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According to the datasheet for your energy meter it uses the Modbus/RTU protocol for communication so you will need to use a modbus library to communicate with the meter.

There is a modbus python library called MinimalModbus which should take care of the communication protocols but you will need to find out what commands the energy meter understands.

I could not find any command lists on the manufacturers website so you may need to contact them to find out how to talk to their devices.

AB Electronics UK Tech Support

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