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The AB Electronics UK Knowledge Base provides support solutions, tutorials and troubleshooting guides.

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Asus Tinker Board

Asus Tinker Board Introduction

The Tinker Board is a small ARM based computer from Asus. The board contains a 40 pin GPIO connector which can be used with a selection of our expansion boards. Asus provides a Debian based Linux distribution that can be downloaded from their support website. If you wish to use the Tinker...

I2C and SMBus on the Tinker Board

This page details how to setup I2C support on the Tinker Board from ASUS. Step 1: Download the latest TinkerOS Debian image for your Tinker Board and burn to your SD Card following the instructions on Step 2: Next you need to update your Tinker Board...

Installing Serial on the Asus Tinker Board

The Tinker Board contains UART on pins 8 and 10, the same as on the Raspberry Pi GPIO port.  The Debian Linux supplied by Asus has the UART enabled by default as a serial console on ttyS1 with a baud rate of 115200. To use the UART pins for serial communication with our Serial Pi Plus or...

OWFS with I2C support on the Tinker Board

This page details how to set up the 1-Wire File System to use with the 1 Wire Pi Plus and 1 Wire Pi Zero on on the TinkerOS Debian image for your Asus Tinker Board. Step 1:  Install OWFS and Python-OW sudo apt-get install owfs python-ow Step 2: Edit owfs.conf to enable the...