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ADC Bit Rates and Resolution

ADC Pi, ADC Differential Pi and ADC-DAC Boards Bit Rate and Resolution
Created: 02/10/2015 | Last Updated: 02/10/2015

The table below shows the various bit rates and the resolution in millivolts which our ADC boards can sample.

The ADC Pi, ADC Pi Plus and ADC Pi Zero can sample at 17bit, 15bit, 13bit and 11bit modes.

The ADC Differential Pi and Delta Sigma Pi can sample in 18bit, 16bit, 14bit and 12bit in differential mode and in single ended mode it is the same as the ADC PI boards.

The ADC DAC Pi and ADC DAC Pi Zero sample at 12bit resolution.

Bit Rate Unique Values ADC Pi (5V input max) Delta Sigma Pi & ADC Differential Pi (+/- 2.048V max) ADC DAC Pi (2.048 max)
11 2048 0.00244140 V 0.001 V  
12 4096   0.0005 V 0.0005 V
13 8192 0.00061035 V 0.00025 V  
14 16384   0.000125 V  
15 32768 0.00015258 V 0.0000625 V  
16 65536   0.00003125 V  
17 131072 0.00003814 V 0.000015625 V  
18 262144   0.0000078125 V  
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