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ODroid Board Introduction

Getting started with the ODroid Board

The Odroid boards are small ARM-based computers from Hardkernel. The board contains a 40-pin GPIO connector, which can be used with a selection of our expansion boards.

Odroid provides a Ubuntu Linux distribution that can be downloaded from their support website.

We have tested our Python 2 libraries on the Odroid boards. To download our libraries from our GitHub account, you first need to install git with the following:

sudo apt-get install git

Next, you need to navigate to the directory you want to download the libraries into and use the following command to clone the files to your local directory:

git clone

Compatible expansion boards

The following expansion boards have been tested and are compatible with the Odroid boards when using Armbian OS and our Python 2 libraries or OWFS for 1 Wire support.

Note:  When using the Odroid Boards with the supplied heatsink, you may need an extended header between the Odroid Board and the expansion board to allow enough airflow to keep the CPU cool.

1 Wire Pi Plus

1 Wire Pi Zero

ADC Differential Pi


IO Pi Plus

IO Zero 32

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Created 13/02/2017 | Last Updated: 25/10/2023