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Python Library and Demos

Python Library and Demo Samples
Created: 02/10/2015 | Last Updated: 02/10/2015


Python Library & Demos

We have python libraries available for several of our boards.  You can find all of the libraries and demos from github at:

Downloading and Installing the library

To download to your Raspberry Pi type in terminal: 

git clone

To install the python library navigate into the ABElectronics_Python_Libraries folder and run:  

For Python 2.7:

sudo python install

For Python 3.4:

sudo python3 install

If you have PIP installed you can install the library directly from github with the following command:

For Python 2.7:

sudo python2.7 -m pip install git+

For Python 3.4:

sudo python3.4 -m pip install git+
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