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MicroPython Library and Demos

MicroPython Library and Demo Samples

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MicroPython Library & Demos for the Raspberry Pi Pico series

We have MicroPython libraries available for several of our boards. You can find all of the libraries and demos from GitHub at:

Downloading and Installing the library

To download to your Raspberry Pi, type in the terminal: 

git clone

To install the MicroPython Library, use the Thonny Python IDE from

Create a file for your chosen board and copy the contents of the Python file into that board's directory. For example, for the ADC DAC Pi, create a new file in thonny called, copy contents from into the new file, and save it onto the Raspberry Pi Pico board.

Create a second file where your main program will reside and import the board library at the program's top.

For example:

from ADCDACPi import ADCDACPi

Run with "Run Current Command" or F5 in Thonny.

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Created 24/10/2022 | Last Updated: 25/10/2023