Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin Usage

Created 02/10/2015 | Raspberry Pi GPIO Pin mapping and connections

GPIO Pin ConnectionsOur Raspberry Pi Expansion boards use either the I2C pins, UART or SPI pins on the Raspberry Pi 's GPIO header.

All of the other GPIO pins are available to use via the stacking header connector.

I2C Pin Usage

The following expansion boards use the I2C GPIO pins:

1 Wire Pi1 Wire Pi Plus and 1 Wire Pi Zero

ADC PiADC Pi Plus and ADC Pi Zero

ADC Differential Pi

Delta Sigma Pi

Expander Pi

IO PiIO Pi Plus and IO Pi Zero

RTC Pi, RTC Pi Plus and RTC Pi Zero

Servo Pi and Servo Pi Zero

SPI Pin Usage

The following expansion boards use the SPI GPIO pins:

ADC-DAC Pi and ADC-DAC Pi Zero

Expander Pi

UART Pin Usage

The following expansion boards use the UART GPIO pins:

RS485 Pi

Serial PiSerial Pi Plus and Serial Pi Zero




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