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Orange Pi

The Orange Pi is a family of single-board computers designed for a wide range of applications. Similar to other SBCs like Raspberry Pi and ODROID, the Orange Pi boards are compact and versatile, offering an affordable solution for various projects. They come with different specifications and features, making them suitable for tasks ranging from DIY electronics to multimedia applications. Orange Pi boards are known for their processing power, diverse connectivity options, and compatibility with various operating systems, making them popular among hobbyists, developers, and tinkerers.

Orange Pi computer boards introduction

The Orange Pi range of computer boards is available from

OWFS with I2C support on Orange Pi

This page details how to set up the 1 Wire File System with the 1 Wire Pi Plus and 1 Wire Pi Zero on the Armbian image from for your Orange Pi computer. Armbian 23.8.1 Bookwoom was used for testing this tutorial....