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Expander Pi Articles & Tutorials

The Expander Pi is a versatile digital and analogue expansion board for the Raspberry Pi and other compatible single-board computers. It allows you to connect to switches, lights, sensors, and many other devices and communicate with the outside world.

Using the Expander Pi, you can connect 8 analogue inputs, 2 analogue outputs and 16 digital inputs or outputs to your Raspberry Pi. The Expander Pi also features an onboard Real Time Clock (RTC) to ensure that your Raspberry Pi always has the correct date and time.

This knowledge base section contains articles and tutorials on the Expander Pi, showing how to use the expansion board with various input devices.

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Expander Pi - IO Port LED binary counter

In this tutorial, we will make a binary counter using 8 LEDs. You will need your Raspberry Pi, an Expander Pi, 8 red LEDs and 8 200R resistors....

Expander Pi - Reading IO Inputs

In this tutorial, we will read from the inputs on the digital IO device on your Expander Pi and display the status of the inputs on the console. You will need your Raspberry Pi, an Expander Pi and up to 16 single pole switches and connecting wires....

Realtime Clock on the Expander Pi

The Expander Pi uses the same real-time clock as the RTC Pi, and you can use the following tutorials to learn how to use the RTC with your Raspberry Pi....

DAC Outputs Tutorial on the Expander Pi

This demo shows how to write to the DAC output channels on the Expander Pi to set the output voltage levels. This demo will generate a 1.5V p-p square wave at 1Hz on Channel 1...

Reading ADC inputs on the Expander Pi

This demo shows how to read from the ADC input channels on the Expander Pi...