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Serial Pi

The Serial Pi Plus and Serial Pi Zero are communication boards supporting the RS232 serial protocol, designed for use on the Raspberry Pi and other compatible single-board computers.

This knowledge base section contains articles and tutorials on the Serial Pi, showing how to use the expansion boards.

Find out more about the Serial Pi Plus.

Find out more about the Serial Pi Zero.

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Serial Port setup in Raspberry Pi OS Bookworm

The Raspberry Pi contains a UART serial port on the GPIO header on pins 8, TXD (GPIO 14) and 10, RXD (GPIO 15).  The UART port can connect directly to a wide range of devices using 3.3V UART pins or a serial interface to convert the UART voltages to an industry standard such as RS232 or RS485.  When connecting a device to the UART serial port, always ensure your device operates at the correct voltage, 3.3V.  Connecting a 5V device to the UART port can damage the Raspberry Pi GPIO header....

Serial Port Loopback Test

You can test if the UART port on your Raspberry Pi works by performing a loopback....

PySerial & RS232 Serial Communication

PySerial is a Python library used for working with serial ports. RS232 is a standard for serial data transmission between computers and other devices. Raspberry Pi, a low-cost single-board computer, is commonly used for various applications, including communicating with serial devices such as GPS, modem, etc....